Ofsetprinters.com suck at printing - better at thieving

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I ordered 100 custom printed game software boxes along with DVD packaging to fit from ofsetprinters.com for 350 US dollars, and received the above pictured boxes in that condition along with DVD cases (rather than packaging) that didn't fit the box. Also, as you can see above the front image on the box is off-center with a weird yellow tint.

So I contacted "Kevin" at the company was told via his broken English that the white sticky gunk on the boxes happened because I DIDN'T GET IT LAMINATED (which their web-site claims they do for free) and then he changes the argument and says that it was due to shipping damage and he isn't responsible. So having paid through PayPal I opened a dispute, and I initially offered to accept a 150 dollar refund because about 30 of the boxes were at least in passable/mediocre condition. After a week of getting nowhere, "Kevin" finally agrees to give me boxes that don't look like shit provided I send my bad boxes back to him. By the way, throughout all this I tried calling the company phone number on the web-site and reached some poor guy that has nothing to do with the "company" who apparently is used to receiving calls from angry customers. The phone number was/is fake!

Next, I sent all the crap boxes back on my dime and then "Kevin" tells me that I have to pay 150 US dollars more for shipping to GET WHAT I SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED IN THE FIRST PLACE, which is boxes that don't look like shit! After finally doing some research, it turns out that this is a Pakistan based ripoff company that pretends to have a presence in the UK! Avoid ofsetprinters.com at all costs, unless of course you want to get shafted! I should have done my homework on these scammers BEFORE I dealt with them.

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Simply search for ofsetprinters.com or actualprint on Google and you will find loads of customer complaints about either getting a bad product or being outright scammed.